OTC 5148 Золотая лихорадка 1,2"х49 shots 1/2

red tail to red & blue pearl,
green tail to green pearl & white strobe,
red tail to time rain willow + red & green,
red tail to brocade crown + blue, green tail to brocade crown + green strobe,
red tail to red pearl & white strobe & dragon eggs,
red tail to red palm & dragon eggs, green tail to green palm & dragon eggs,
blue tail to big gold palm + blue,
red tail to silver palm & chrys. flowers

Габариты: 260х255х230 мм

Фасовка: 1/2

Залпов: 49

Калибр,: 1,2

Время работы, сек: 45

lwh: 260x255x230 mm